What to Expect

  • The Five Building Blocks to a WOW Presentation

    Every presentation should include these key foundational building blocks. Regardless if you are presenting slides to a crowd or engaging with an audience on a webinar, these essential steps will make your presentation go from good to great.

  • Learn How to Get Everyone to "Lean In"

    Did you know there are three unique types of learners? Are you able to resonate with all three? Learn how to capture everyone in the audience, regardless of how they prefer to consume information.

  • Stupid Simple Branding

    Less is more when you are presenting content to an audience. But how do you fit all your content into your presentation, without overwhelming your audience? How do you establish brand recognition? Learn how to implement my simple branding strategies into your next presentation, engaging your audience from beginning to end.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Present Like a Pro Online

    • The Introduction

    • The 5 Building Blocks

    • Stories Matter

    • How to appeal to all learning types

    • Your Call to Action

Bonus Material Included

Content Builder Template

  • Designing your Power Opening

    This guide will walk you through three different categories of power openings to WOW your audience the moment you kick off the presentation.

  • What is the Transformation?

    Each presentation should be designed to walk your audience through a transformation. This template will guide you how to ensure that happens: logical, emotional or financial. Choose one.

  • Your Goals

    Answer these three questions before building out your content. Your audience needs to go through a transformation. What do you want to get out of the presentation?